Driving Under Influence

If you’re facing a Driving Under Influence traffic ticket violation, do not just pay. Let us help you check for better options. With 20 years of experience, we are sure that we can give you a positive result. We will do our best to defend you.

We are also available to help drivers with the following traffic violation:

* Using Your Cellphone While Driving
* Driving Without Valid Car Insurance                
* Driving The Wrong Way Down Ticket
* Caught Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License        
* Caught Driving on a Cancelled License Privilege        
* Caught Driving on a Revoked License Privilege                
* Caught Driving without Driver’s License        
* Improper U-Turn Violation Ticket
* Careless Driving / Reckless Driving                
* Running a Red Light / Stop Sign        Failing to Pay a Traffic Fines                        
* Parking and Speeding Violation Ticket        
* Passing a School Bus Violation Ticket        
* Following Too Closely (Tailgating)        
* Failure to Yield Resulting in Motorcycle Accident Ticket        
* Failure To Signal a Stop or Turn Ticket
* Traffic Control Device Citation Traffic Ticket

DUI Ticket Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you received a traffic ticket because of DUI, do not delay or else you will feel sorry later. It is better to act as soon as possible. We are here to provide traffic ticket solutions to reduce your points and protect your driving record.

We are glad to offer you FREE quotation and FREE telephone and office consultation. We accept VISA and Mastercard. We also accept partial payments. To help you know your options, do not hesitate to give us a call  at (734) 328-2532!