Traffic tickets can be costly.

We understand this is a stressful time. Do not gamble your future. We are dedicated to offering you the most effective legal and client service you need. We can help you reduce your traffic ticket costs or get it dismissed without appearing in the courtroom. With a deep commitment to your welfare and focus on obtaining favorable outcomes, we will vigorously fight for you.

We have successfully represented driver’s with the following traffic violations:

✔Driving The Wrong Way On A Freeway      
✔Driving with a License that has been Suspended      
✔Driving with a License that has been Cancelled       
✔Driving with a License that has been Revoked      
✔Operating a vehicle under the influence of Alcohol or Dangerous Drugs      
✔Driving without a License Privilege      
✔Illegal U-Turn Violation Ticket      
✔Failing to Pay Traffic Ticket Violation      
✔Lane change Violation Ticket            

✔Leaving the Scene Of an Accident with Property Damage      
✔Reckless Driving Ticket
✔Criminal Speeding Ticket      
✔Failure to Stop for School Bus Violation Ticket      
✔Following Too Closely (Tailgating) Fines      
✔Failure to Yield the Right-of-Way Accident      
✔Failure To Signal When Required      
✔Disobeyed Traffic Control Device Ticket      
✔Failing to follow the instructions of a Traffic Control Device Violation Ticket      
✔Driving an Uninsured Automotive      
✔Hand-held or Hands-Free Cell Phone use while Driving



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